Best MTG Playmats: Spectacular Playmats for Your Live Games in 2023

We love to show off our beautiful cards, don't we? There is something special to seeing our opponent in awe as we display, one by one, the wonderful Magic the Gathering cards we have collected. And you know what's even better? To precede that by unrolling one of the best MTG playmats. Let us list them for you. And don't worry, all of them are in our stock and ready to be shipped to you for 2023!

Our site, MTG Playmats, may be a couple of years old, but we have been collecting and dealing the best MTG playmats since soon after the inception of Magic the Gathering. We are talking about Worlds playmats from the 20th Century, or the original Khalsa Brain ones.

We have seen them foil, embroidered, double-sided, and our collection here has over 600 different ones. But how to choose the best MTG playmat for you? Well, let's start by asking you a very important question: what is your favourite Magic the Gathering format? We'll go from there.

The Best MTG Playmats by Format

One of the factors that make Magic the Gathering such a special game is that through the years it has come to appeal to a great variety of players. You may be an Old School player with a extremely valuable deck or you may play some casual games of Commander with your friends every now and then with whatever cards you guys find in boosters. It's all great fun and all deserving of a special playmat.

Commander VS - Star City Games - Signed by the Players - Best MTG Playmat for Commander

If you are a commander player, you may be familiar (and if you are not, we strongly recommend you to check it out) with the Commander VS video series from Star City Game. Originally presented by Justin Parnell, Jonathan Suarez, Jeremy Noell, Stephen Green, this Youtube series have introduce a myriad of commander decks over more than 300 episodes.

And what is the best MTG playmat for commander? Well, a copy of the Commander VS playmat created for the SCG CON Winter of 2018 and signed by all four original players of the Commander VS series. A collector's piece for commander if there ever was one!

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Black Lotus - Eternal Weekend 2015 Limited Edition - Best MTG Playmat for Cube

If Luis Scott-Vargas, one of the most skilful Magic the Gathering players of all time, and an avid Cube player, says that the best card for Cube is Black Lotus, guess what's the best MTG Playmat for Cube? Exactly, a Black Lotus playmat. Even more so if it's an Eternal Weekend 2015 Black Lotus with the official stamp of Christopher Rush.

Part of a limited edition of only 50 copies, this is a proper collectible item and it will make your Cube Drafts experience just so much better!

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Spell Snare - Hideaki Takamura - Eternal Weekend 2018 - Legacy Championship Europe - Best MTG Playmat for Legacy

There are many amazing options when you look into the best MTG playmats for Legacy and mosts of the top ones would come from Legacy Championships played during the Eternal Weekend events, but out of all of them, we would go with one of the strongest tempo counterspells ever: Spell Snare whose art was created by Hideaki Takamura.

The art of the playmat, originally created for the Dissension set in 2006 is dynamic and the Eternal Weekend inscription gives it an extra classy touch.

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Etched Champion - Modern Masters - Best MTG Playmat for Modern

An Etched Champion from one of the three Modern Masters 2015 Grand Prix? Whether you go for Utrecht, Chiba or Las Vegas, we have all three. And there is no better option when looking for the best MTG playmat for Modern, trust us.

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Black Lotus - Grand Prix 25th Anniversary - Best MTG Playmat for Standard

The main problem with Standard, and we are sure you are pretty aware is this is your format of choice, is that is an ever changing format where the only cards that are constantly allowed are the five basic lands. But you know what is timeless? A Black Lotus Grand Prix 25th Anniversary playmat, the best MTG playmat for Standard.

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Chaos Orb - Mark Tedin - Eternal Weekend 2018 - Vintage Championship North America - Best MTG Playmat for Vintage

Why would we choose a banned card as the subject for the best MTG playmat for Vintage?

Chaos Orb, that's why.

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Bazaar of Baghdad - Jeff A. Menges - Eternal Weekend 2017 VIP - Best VIP MTG Playmat

Eternal Weekend playmats are already quite exclusive, but boy, how sweet it is when you get your hands in a VIP playmat like this Bazaar of Baghdad with the beautiful art created 30 years ago for Arabian Nights. The best VIP MTG playmat of them all.

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