About MTG Playmats: Our Journey in Magic

Step into the realm of MTG Playmats! We're not just a store, but a vibrant community where every playmat is a portal to magical worlds and epic battles. Our story is woven from the threads of passion for Magic the Gathering, shared by enthusiasts, collectors, and players across the globe.

Meet Filippo, the Dragon of Magic

Imagine a globetrotting adventurer, journeying far and wide in pursuit of the most unique and awe-inspiring collectibles - this is Filippo, affectionately known in the card game world as the "Dragon of Magic."

He doesn't simply buy and sell cards and playmats; but he is in a relentless quest that takes him across continents, from the cobblestone streets of Europe to the bustling metropolises of Asia and the diverse landscapes of North America.

His travels are pilgrimages to the grandest stages of card gaming culture. It's here, amidst the throngs of players and fans, that Filippo connects with artists, industry faces, and fellow enthusiasts. His goal? To gather playmats that are not just accessories, but embodiments of artistry and storytelling.

Filippo's expertise isn't just in identifying the finest playmats; it's in understanding their soul. Each playmat he selects is a testament to quality and uniqueness, chosen for its ability to elevate the gaming experience.

In the world of card games, the Dragon of Magic is more than a moniker; it's a symbol of passion, dedication, and the unending pursuit of the extraordinary. Filippo's adventures bring the magic of these playmats to your gaming table.

Our Magical Collection

MTG Playmats is a treasure trove of the extraordinary. Our collection boasts hand-drawn playmats by celebrated artists, rare tournament memorabilia, and a plethora of hard to find playmats from Magic the Gathering to Pokémon TCG, One Piece, and the new Disney superstar, Lorcana. We uphold the highest standards of quality, ensuring that each piece in our collection is as authentic and exclusive as they come.

Filippo Lietti & artist Dan Frazier with a Mox Sapphire signed playmat.

The Art Behind the Mats

Our playmats are canvases for storytelling, masterfully crafted by some of the most iconic artists in the Magic universe. From the legendary works of Christopher Rush to contemporary masterpieces, each mat is a testament to the artistry and history of the game. Filippo's dedication to curating this collection is a journey in itself, filled with adventures and rare finds.

Douglas Shuler & Filippo Lietti holding a Demonic Tutor playmat.

The Man Behind the Scenes


Víctor M. Martínez Valero, content strategist and SEO.
Víctor M. Martínez Valero, a digital expert and friend of Filippo, has played a key role in building mtgplaymats.comFilippo and Víctor met in Valencia, Spain, back in 2001 while studying in the same university, but it was their love of Magic the Gathering that really solidified their friendship while they lived together for over a year.


Víctor didn't end up being a top collector and trader like Filippo, but his skills in SEO and content strategy have boosted our online presence, helping us reach Magic fans everywhere.

Our Heart and Soul

At the core of MTG Playmats lies a mission steeped in passion: to deliver top-quality collectibles that elevate your gaming experience. Rooted in the Magic community since its inception, our commitment to quality and authenticity is unyielding. We're not just about playmats; we're about celebrating the magic that binds us all.

Mark Tedin & Filippo Lietti with a City of Brass playmat.

Community at Our Core

We thrive on the energy of the Magic community. Filippo, the Dragon of Magic, is a familiar face in tournaments, known for his support and contributions to the community.

Kaja & Phil Foglio with Filippo Lietti holding a Millstone playmat.

Spot him at an event and you'll find yourself amidst tales of rare collectibles and epic Magic moments.

Connect with Us

Got a question, a story, or just want to talk Magic? You can reach out at tropporicco@gmail.com or via Filippo's Instagram account. We're always here to chat, share insights, or help you find that perfect playmat.